Summary: May doesn’t feel the need to really treat her maid with respect. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Author’s Note — I just want to say, thank everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I’d absolutely love feedback; I’m very happy to be giving back to this nice site. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for giving me a try! * “God, this place is a mess….Jie?! Jie, get in here!” I tapped my foot impatiently…Continue Reading “A Clean Mouth”

Johnny slid his thumb from the bottom of his phone to the top, absent-mindedly scrolling through the day’s tending memes. They weren’t that funny, but it kept him slightly less bored than he would have been if he just sat and stared at the floor in the empty waiting room. He glanced at the time. 9:58. His appointment – a physical checkup at Omaha’s Peak Wellness Clinic, required for his new job – was at 10, but he guessed he’d have to wait even longer….Continue Reading “A Clean Bill of Health”

Rachel knew that her carelessness would be her undoing – it always was, and had been at several previous schools; her inability to keep her legs closed and dress conservatively. And why should she after all? She was 27 and gorgeous; slim, full-figured, with beautiful round breasts and a firm backside, her eyes blue and her hair naturally blonde and accented only a little with highlights. So what if she wore skirts above the knee, or sheer white silk blouses that showed off the lacy…Continue Reading “A Class of Her Own”

It was one week before Christmas and I had invited some of my girlfriends over for drinks while my cuckold boyfriend, James, was out doing my last minute shopping. I so abhor crowds, and shopping in general, that I always have him do it for me. But I had taken one giant leap and did venture out to buy his Christmas present one that I too could enjoy. I bought him a blowup doll. I thought this was a wonderful gift for him. I could…Continue Reading “A Christmas to Remember”

Well, not that it needs to be said, but things were getting very interesting that day in 1976. In A Christmas Fetish, I believe I left off where Kelly was straddling my mom in the den recliner, and I was beginning to lick the soles of her bare feet. I had just begun sucking Kelly’s big toe, when the unthinkable happened. “NO! Stop!” The next thing I knew, Kelly fell off moms’ lap, and pretty much landed in mine. Kelly half sat, half lay in…Continue Reading “A Christmas Fetish Pt. 02”

It was roughly 1976 in Augusta, Georgia, two or three days before Christmas to be exact. I was eighteen years old. My mom and I had been on our own ever since my father had died in a truck accident two years earlier. Mom had a rough time of it, as would be expected, the first year after he passed. She was 36 years old and was a loan officer at Augusta National Finance. She was, in my opinion, a very attractive woman at 5’3″,…Continue Reading “A Christmas Fetish Pt. 01”

She motioned to me with her finger from the bed to come closer. She was absolutely gorgeous, her long red hair spread out on the pillow, her makeup still heavy from her date last night. I walked closer, the lock on my chastity device clicking against the plastic tube, a stream of pre cum dribbled from the tip. She held her hand out as I approached and fondled my balls. I bent down and kissed her on the lips. “Merry Christmas Duchess!” I said as…Continue Reading “A Christmas Cuckold”

“Will you zip me up?” My girlfriend Sara asked me hurriedly. “Come on we can’t be late, this is really important.” “It will be fine, we have plenty of time, I have already called the cab.” I said as I slid my hands inside her open dress. I reached around in front and caressed her breasts. She looked amazing. Her straight long brunette hair flowed down her back as the red satin dress clung to her curved form like red paint poured down her shoulders….Continue Reading “A Chocolate Covered Cherry”

I woke up slowly and looked around the room that had been my prison for the last 10 days. The bed was surprisingly comfortable but the chains that bound my arms and legs restricted my movements and it was difficult to find a restful position that did not cause an ache in one part of my body or another. Given the circumstances it would be easy to think that this was a punishment and not the height of success for men in our civilisation. Ours…Continue Reading “A Child for the Queen”

This story is part 3 of a three part series, all of which have been posted. It describes one week in our life that would eventually have a big impact on our marriage and our lovemaking. For those who might not remember, the story begins on a Saturday as my husband begins a week of chastity and foot and body worship which he has agreed to in order to earn a footjob. This part describes the last day and what happened afterward. The story has…Continue Reading “A Changed Relationship Ch. 03”