My phone rang one evening it was Marcus a hot black young 19 yo college stud packing a nice 8 inches…..Hey what you up to later tonight …..Nothing much I said you need some relief I asked him…..Yeah looking to get out about 10 tonight after I do some homework he said….Sure I said would love to take care of you ….Ok see you later he said….Hey hey he said before hanging up….Yeah what I asked….Hey looking to do that butt tonight if you want…Continue Reading “19 Yo Marcus’s First White Ass”

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Part 4 “You still think you can handle more cock?” Steve said with a puzzled look on face “Haven’t you had enough yet?”I began to unzip my boots and smiled. The boots fell away from my thighs, as I kicked them off my feet. Unrolling the black hold up stockings, I bent over to remove them from my feet.“I’m going to fuck the manager and get myself a room deal for when I want fucked in the future!” I smiled unhooking the black corset. “I…Continue Reading “Slut: I want to be a slut wife part 4”

I’ve always had a big cock! I mean not gargantuan, but even from a young age, almost always in the changing rooms at the gym or at the pool, I was noticeably bigger than most guys. It was to be expected though. I knew this because I came from a family of athletes. My dad and all his brothers were, hell even my mom was an athlete and so were her brothers. Speaking of that because we all worked out and swam and were into…Continue Reading “My Big Cock Gets Girls and Boys”

A few minutes later Jenny and I were kissing tenderly on the bed while the shower came on in the bathroom. I looked into Jenny’s blue eyes and she looked seductively back at me as we held each other. She was still wet with sweat from the exertions of Carlos’ vigorous fucking, her dirty blonde hair sticking to her forehead, making her sexier. I was also flushed from the sexual exhilaration of what just happened. “Did you like that baby,” she asked, biting my nose…Continue Reading “Trip to Rio PT3 Gay”

Later that night I think I must have banged Jenny harder than usual. My experience with Carlos had left me reeling. I didn’t know what had come over me. It hadn’t been my plan to be on my knees, in my apartment, in front of a Brazilian guy with his cock stretching out my cheeks and fucking my throat while he looked down at me smirking. But something had come over me around him. His physique, the strength in his rippling, tan muscles. The way…Continue Reading “Trip to Rio PT2 Gay”

When I got divorced and was finally living alone I had many fun times getting fucked all I could by both men and women. I was always dressed when home and loved to stay that way all weekend long and would just put on some pants over my outfit to go shopping sometimes with a coat or shirt over my open cup bra depending on the weather. I was at the store one day when I saw my neighbor with her k**s shopping and looking…Continue Reading “the neighbor lady”

Chapter 1 Judith Concedes Sir Jolyon Lattimore reached into the inside pocket of his pinstriped Savile Row suit and took out a gold ballpoint pen which he handed to Judith. “What if I choose not to sign?” asked the young woman as she took the pen from him, a note of defiance in her voice. Sir Jolyon paused for a moment before answering. “Well, whether or not you sign is entirely your decision but should you choose not to sign you will leave me with…Continue Reading “Judith’s Punishment”

Wore some new panties and hold up stockings under my suit for work today, love the feeling of the nylon on my legs as I walk around and I find that panties hold my cock and balls in place, better than shorts and briefs etc. Was in a hurry for piss this lunchtime and instead of using the cubicles I just lifted y cock over my red lace panties and pissed away, obviously a bit careless putting it away. I left the toilets and went…Continue Reading “Cross Dressing Magic…..”