Mattie, My Journey to Freedom; Part 1

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Mattie, My Journey to Freedom


Part 1
In their wisdom my parents named me Mathilda, but everyone called me Mattie. In High School, I lived up to the names’ meaning, by being popular with the Jocks, especially with the big black and strong Jocks.

As with many women life interfered, got married, got two babies became a real Mom. In the bedroom, I had an orgasm only when I played with myself. Hubby is small and sometimes I wondered on how he got me pregnant.
After the babies, I lost interest in sex. Even with my hubby being small, it hurt. I agreed for a once a month sympathy fucks. One month grew into two. And two grew into three, till we stopped doing it at all and he did not complain.
After few years, sex was not even mentioned and hubby did not bother me. But, in the back of my mind, I had always yearned to my high school days when I came in buckets as a beautiful Black Jock would fuck me with his BBC. Sometimes I would dream about having sex with hung black men but I was too apprehensive to do anything about it. Mattie the popular lived inside of me but out of reach of the June Clever perfect Vanier to the outside world.

One day as I was having a regular pelvic exam, my doctor started a conversation about having sex. In a way I was happy that just had a Brazilian but, there I was with nothing on but a paper gown, lying on my back with my legs in stirrups and pussy open like a watermelon, listening to a talk about having sex. My doctor in her calm, semi-dispassionate voice was talking about fucking. After a while she asked if it would be OK for her to do a special exam. Not thinking too much about it. I said OK. I noticed that the nurse was not with us and the Doctor took off her gloves. I was surprised, but decided to let ride out this moment.

“We’ve moved the mirror to the side so that you can watch this procedure. Now Mattie, scoot down a little, just a few inches for me will you?” the doctor asked from between my legs.
“Just relax” she said authoritatively.

She placed her thumb on my mound, resting gently on my clitoris and then gently inserting two fingers into my vagina, she began to probe around inside my cunt causing me to gasp. “You’re a bit dry” she said and with every movement of her fingers inside me, her thumb pressed a little harder on my clit I could not hide my arousal. With my half closed eyes I saw how expertly she maneuvered. She was rubbing her fingers against my vagina, stroking my most intimate and sensitive areas! I was now sweating profusely, my back, armpits and forehead glistening with perspiration. I felt her fingers probing me relentlessly – she had found my most sensitive area and her fingers were working me over mercilessly – I was getting more and more aroused, slipping helplessly out of control and I could feel an orgasm building inside me. There was no way I could disguise my state of arousal; my nipples were now rock hard and my vagina was soaking with my cum, the air pungent with the musky scent of my cream! As her fingers worked me over and her thumb pressed agonizingly against my clit, I gripped the edge of the table and found myself panting with desire and as the torment continued, I began to groan with a mixture of distress and pleasure as I inched towards my climax! She adjusted her fingers and began probing again, this time her two fingers were stroking relentlessly against an incredibly sensitive part of my vagina. Not only that but every time she moved her fingers, her thumb also moved slightly and rubbed against my clitoris. I groaned as her fingers worked my vagina over mercilessly.

“I’m getting really turned on by what you’re doing to me there.” I moaned. She moved her fingers and probed more firmly. I felt my climax approaching. “Oh My God, Oh my God,” I sobbed softly. “I don’t think I can stand much more of this. I’m going to orgasm if you keep doing this to me!”

Despite my efforts to remain calm, I found myself involuntarily flexing my legs and thrusting my pelvis against her fingers causing her thumb to rub harder against my throbbing clitoris! The good Doctor looked up and stared into my flushed, sweating face.

“Yes, I can see you’re pretty worked up.” she smiled. “Do you want me to stop for a while?”
“No please” I blurted out. “Please don’t stop, please, finish me off, make me come! I’m begging you!”
“Call me Jenny”.

“Yes Jenny, finish me off” I lamented again as her fingers stroked my g-spot and then let go. I was panting, my body cheeks were burning, legs bucking in the stirrups I was came as I had not in years.
After my body had calmed, with her fingers in my cunt she supported me off the exam table. I stood on my shaking legs looking past her with unseeing eyes, lost in the moment with my perspiration running down my body. My breathing calmed down and the light of recognition returned to my eyes.

“Get dressed and I’ll see you in my office” she said in a clinical voice without a hint of excitement, but I could see that her face was flushed.

Sitting across her desk I was back to my June Cleaver pose, all calm and buttoned down. Jenny was back to her 100% doctor attire typing into the computer.

“Please wait a minute or two till I finish my notes on you”.

Turning to me she continued “You are a very interesting case. You had aged well and it’s obvious that you have not had good sex in a while.”

Her words cut close to the reality of my life. She continued “We can give your years back. This will involve a full devotion on your part. Would you like us to make you young again?” I nodded in agreement.

She continued, “We will do surgical procedures and physical therapy. Are you OK with that?”

“Yes” I answered.

Jenny went back to her clinical self “The process will take four months. Surgically, first we will do a Labiaplasty where will alter your labia and contour it. It will make your cunt look beautiful making young women jealous of your Camel-toe. At the same time we’ll do a Vaginoplasty. This surgical procedure will treat vaginal relaxation, resulting in enhanced vaginal muscle tone, strength and control. Then we’ll do Hymenoplasty which will restore your hymen and will make you a virgin all over again. At the end, we’ll prepare you for Orgasm Shot injection. That will produce enhanced orgasms, heightened sensitivity, increased lubrication and greater vaginal muscle control. In all of this, I will introduce you to Winston. He will be your individual trainer and you will see him every day. He’ll put you through a program where “The Biggest Looser” program will look to you like a piece of cake. You’re to do everything he tells you and not complain.” She stopped and looked at me. In this silence I could hear my own heartbeat.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked locking her gaze into my eyes.

“Yes” I answered.

The next day I showed up at the clinic and the receptionist directed my to the on-premises gym. As I got there I saw Winston. A huge, black, Adonis of a man with a body like sculpted black rock dressed only in gym shorts that outlined a cock bigger than my forearm. I was speechless and immediately got an itch that needed to be scratched, but lady like; I feigned a level of coolness.

He looked me over and in a commanding tone told me,
“Get naked, I want to see all of you” and pointed to a locker room. When I came out naked as a Jaybird, authoritatively he said.

“Turn 360 around and walk as if you are on a catwalk”. I did two or three ‘runs’ in front of him. Then he handed me a pair of sneakers and a skimpy outfit.

“When you’ll put these on, we’ll start your regime.” The sneakers were my size but the outfit, which was a shimmering gold, thin, one piece bathing suit-like with a bottom cut like a thong. It was at least two sizes to small, barely covering anything and separating and showing off my ass cheeks.

“Bend-over” he said, as I did so, he pulled the thong string so that the fabric scrunched into my pussy. I knew that every move I’ll make the fabric will rub my clit.

“Now, get on the bike and start riding to increase your stamina. Then we’ll work to make your tush hard’ your tits to hang high and flatten your stomach.”

As I was riding the bike, he pushed me to increase the speed and do it at the highest level I could. When I could ride no more he took me to a station at the machine laid me down making me pull weights and I could feel my muscles lifting my tits. Then he put me at another station making me tug at burdens as I bent at my waist using my stomach muscles. After a while as I panted, he moved me to another machine and positioned me with my ass in the air and my calves on a padded bar. Then as I pulled the bar, my ass got above the bench.

“Keep pulling your calves and do not stop” he advised. From a corner of my eye I saw him take K-Y jelly and lube his middle finger. With the other hand he spread my ass cheeks and inserted his lubed finger up my backdoor. I shuddered from the penetration but he ordered me to continue without stopping. It was an incredible feeling when every motion was amplified with his finger riding my asshole.

Every day I submitted myself to Winston and every day he made me exercise harder and harder. And every day he used me sexually. One time as I was working on my pecs he came over put my nipples between his fingers and proceeded to pinch and twist.

“Mmmmm feels Soooo Gooood.” I moaned. In this whole process I realized that I had gained a respect for my body and lost the shamelessness over my body and no longer had societal shame over my femaleness.

One day I spotted a young woman come into the exercise area. I had to admire her body. She must have worked hard to sculpt her body. Her legs, although short, were ripped. She had biceps and shoulders that most guys would have wished to have. Her chest was likewise muscled, adding an appearance of even greater size to the tits on her small frame. Supported by well-formed pectoral muscles, her tits were full and firm, sitting high upon her torso.

She looked at Winston and adjusted her suit by pulling it higher into her cunt and said “Winston, I want you to fuck me”. He did not need to be asked twice. Freeing his already hard cock and stepping out of his shorts, he walked over to her. With one hand he reached for her thong string and ripped it off. With other hand he roughly pulled her leotard over her head.

“Now, let’s see those lovelies that I dream of”, he taunted, exposing her full ivory tits with their firm, delicate pink nipples. He bent his head down to suckle her hard nipples. His mouth sucked hard on her tits and she moaned in pleasure. I knew that they were lost in their sexual hunger as their moans and grunts filled the room. She pushed her tits into his face and with both hands held his beautiful cock stroking it and exposing the purple head from under its foreskin. He lay down and she mounted his face as Winston probed both her holes with his tongue and fingers.

After several minutes she began to slide her pussy off his face and move her hips down to where his huge cock stood up to the ceiling. She crouched over his cock and facing me, slowly lowered her pussy on his throbbing head. She pressed her pussy lips onto his cock and with a noisy pop his head slipped into her wet hole. She gasped and moaned loudly as he spread her open. She had to pause for a few seconds before slowly lowering herself onto his shaft. It took more than few golden minutes but eventually she managed to take most of his length. Then she began to slowly bounce up and down on his rock hard black length. He was gentle with her as he let her make all the moves. However, as she began to move faster he began to lift his hips upward to meet her strokes. He got faster and faster with this drive until he was eventually pounding into her making her scream with each stroke as his balls slapped her pussy.

With a lightness of a feather he grabbed her and flipped her on her back. Pushed her ankles to her head and fucked her hard and deep. I never heard the kind of screams that she was making. He let her muscular legs lock around Winston’s ass and she pulled him into her. He was fucking her harder and faster. She was at the mercy of his organ but she heaved her hips meeting his thrusts. He fucked her through one orgasm and then another and then he bottomed out in her. His body tensed then lurched and filled her with his cum. Slowly she unlocked her legs, exhausted kissed his face. She opened her mouth to his tongue and drank at his lips.

I walked toward them and felt his softening manmeat, took it out of her and cleaned him with my mouth.

After about two months of exercising I noticed a difference in me. In the older days I accepted being softer and rounder. Only now I could see outlines of a trimmer and harder self. I could see my stomach getting flatter and harder. My arms got stronger and now could do man-style pushups and not at least my nipples that would get hard at the smallest “provocation”. I liked the new me.

One day, almost in the middle of my four month agreement, Jenny entered the exercise area walking on her four inch high heels and wearing a starched white lab coat. An aura of undomesticated sexual enticement seemed to trail her. She walked like a lioness in her terrain domineering and sexy all at the same time. She walked to where Winston was spotting me on the machine’s bench. Looked at me and did a small examination of my body.

“You look OK, your muscle tone is 100% better then when you started. I’ve scheduled you for the procedures and after that you’ll have to abstain from sex for about six weeks. You’ll do exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles. We’ll teach you to do Kegel exercises to tighten and strengthen your vagina. At first you’ll exercise gently and stronger later. You’ll to do a lot of swimming for your strength and stamina.”

As she was talking, Winston got close to her and put his hand on her shoulder. It was a gentle gesture done with a comfort that only intimate friends could do for each other.

“I know what exercises you need” Winston interceded quietly to her.

Her facial expression went from Doctor to a Lioness who was about to submit to her Lion. Winston began unbuttoning top of the lab coat. As the coat’s front opened and parted, it became obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. When she had enough of the coat’s unbuttoned, she shrugged it off her shoulders, stepped out of it and stood there looking at him. Her nipples were dark brown and hard. Her cunt lips were Brazilian smooth and lightly parted. Her shapely legs accentuated by high heels, sported shimmering white, embroidered bridal thigh highs. Just below her bikini line and close to her pussy lips, she had a “Queen of Spades” tattoo. Even though she was no “Spring Chicken” her tummy was flat with pointing high tits.

I made Winston step out of his shorts letting his hard dick swing unrestrained. Without waiting for any invitation, pulled his foreskin of its head and took as much as I could of it into my mouth, tasting the salty mustiness of his precum. I sucked greedily on the big mushroom head as my tongue explored the underside of his fuck tool. He liked my foreplay and face fucked me.

He positioned Jenny to brace herself against the vertical post and position one her legs on a low bench. She being in high heels, her sex was just the right height for him to enter her from behind. I got under her, opened her labia and pressed his cockhead into her. Her rosy pink lips just consumed his dark purple monster, it was an incredible sight.
With deliberate power he pushed his black cock into her and allowing her pussy to adjust to his size and continued to go deeper with each thrust, until he was buried balls deep in her pussy. Jenny was now his. “Fuck me, make me cum” Jenny moaned. I put my hands on her tush and pulled myself to lap her clit, his shaft and his balls. I loved this moment where all were buried deep in our own pleasures and sensuality. It was mesmerizing to see her white pussy lips wrapped around his massive, black cock. Seeing their skin covered with gleaming in black and white coat of cum made me hot and put my fingers into my sex.

Jenny began to writhe in ecstasy. “Fuck me, make me cum” she rasped for air. Winston was showing his mastery over her. He fucked her with slow thrusts then faster. Slow again. Pause while Jenny groaned and swore through one then another orgasm. Then back to slow thrusts. I marveled at his control. My hubby would not have lasted two minutes. Yet here he was, half an hour later fucking her with long strokes.

I stood up and began to twirl her nipples in my fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in my mouth. Jenny went wild telling us, “Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!”
She was amazing. Not just surviving the onslaught of that manmeat but reveling in it, encouraging him to fuck her even harder. Winston’s cock was her world right then. The only thing that mattered to her was getting that thing inside her as deep as possible.

“Oh God, Oh God” she yelled,

Fuck me, Oh Don’t stop, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

She started her climb to having an intense orgasm. I sucked her nips and put my fingers on her clit frigging her. Winston’s face tightened showing that he was about to cum. Jenny stiffened and then had another violent orgasm.
Hold me, please hold me, I’m Cummming!” she yelled.

Winston reached around behind her and pulled her toward him as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did Winston, pumping what must have been a gallon of thick fertile cum into the very depths of my Jenny’s womb.

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