My platonic friend Paul called me one Friday night last March and asked if I wanted to come over to his place for a while. He said he’d just gotten some good flower and thought I might like a taste. I had an excess of Friday energy, so I jumped at the chance to catch a buzz. I pulled on a sweater over my jeans and leotard and grabbed my coat. Paul’s apartment is just a few blocks away, so I walked over in the…Continue Reading “Friday Night in PDX”

Mattie, My Journey to FreedomMattie Part 1In their wisdom my parents named me Mathilda, but everyone called me Mattie. In High School, I lived up to the names’ meaning, by being popular with the Jocks, especially with the big black and strong Jocks. As with many women life interfered, got married, got two babies became a real Mom. In the bedroom, I had an orgasm only when I played with myself. Hubby is small and sometimes I wondered on how he got me pregnant.After the…Continue Reading “Mattie, My Journey to Freedom; Part 1”

So, it wasn’t like Lisa and I hated each other, but we just weren’t compatible in a relationship. We got our little cottage in the village we wanted. We were two minutes from everything on foot and loving where we lived….just not, each other. Lisa wanted everything to be Kath k**ston and nice. She’d cook my meals every day and do the laundry and fuss about the place. Looking back, it was a nice problem to have. At the time I missed my independence. Lisa…Continue Reading “Lunchtime Hummers and New Trousers”

My young neighbor Bert had left me there, kneeling on my living room floor; with his fresh semen dripping out of my just fucked ass. I felt my legs were shaking and my pussy trembling with sexual contentment. He had left me sexually satisfied; but my hunger for more was growing within me. Before leaving, Bert had instructed me that I would be doing a sexy striptease for him and some of his friends and they would all bring along some lingerie outfit to dress…Continue Reading “Another round with my neighbor”

Сегодня на рынке заметила как мой постояный покупатель-которому я время от времени делаю миньет- показывал меня какомуто незнакомому мужчине-прямо указывал рукой в мою сторону что-то усердно рассказывая-а тот в упор вылупился- иногда правда потягивал пивко из бутылки.Я само сабой старалась не смотреть на них…Вижу искоса еще мужчина подошел на их громкий разговор-стали здороватся за руку-и опять смотрят меня с ехидной улыбкой-я уже хотела пойти и вставить им не по детски-шо места мало ржать на против моего киоска-как смотрю сами уходят.Ну честно сказать я даже как-то…Continue Reading “Сумашедший день”

I awoke one morning one morning shortly after the start of my senior year in high school not long after I turned 18. Taking a quick shower, I headed downstairs where my mother Marie was cooking breakfast. “Good morning baby.” She said happily setting two plates on the table, “Just in time.” Mom always let me sleep late on her days off. Dad on the other hand, always had me get up early. When she sat down, I saw her robe was open, nearly exposing…Continue Reading “Motherly Love”

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. Making Of a Hotwife? Was I making a hotwife,or was she training her cuckold? It started from the moment I met my wife. I was happily married at the time, or so I thought, until she opened my eyes and set free the disires and passions that I didn’t realize I had. She was a new hire for the company, one of about a dozen. I…Continue Reading “Was I making a hotwife,or was she training her cuc”

As soon as I found out there was such a thing as dick-sucking, I knew it would definitely feel great. At the time, girls were not exactly knocking my door down to give me head, so I decided to see if I could do it myself. I am naturally very flexible, and had no trouble getting the head in my mouth, and with a little practice, could get it about halfway in. It felt even better than I imagined. Around that time, I was taking…Continue Reading “Yoga class”

I dated this good-looking chick Gina back in the mid-80s. I’d got divorced and I was not very particular about who I fucked. She was a pint-size blonde with small, firm tits never encumbered by a bra and an absolutely perfect ass. Frankly, she was not a great suck or fuck, and didn’t have an exactly bubbly personality, but she thought I set the sun, and, and leapt over the moon…and she sure loved to fuck at least once a day. So I hung with…Continue Reading “hole in one”

I was a senior in college in one end of my state dating this young gal from my hometown in the other end of the state. She is the same girl as the one in Feeling Kind of Lucky, the story of how I met her. Anyway, Zoe was my junior, but looked every day of 21. She was 6 feet tall, had shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes, with a “model” figure–long, slender legs and arms and wasp waist–but with firm 34/35-C breasts. She…Continue Reading “Two or Three hours”