Friday Night in PDX

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My platonic friend Paul called me one Friday night last March and asked if I wanted to come over to his place

for a while. He said he’d just gotten some good flower and thought I might

like a taste. I had an excess of Friday energy, so I jumped at the chance to

catch a buzz. I pulled on a sweater over my jeans and leotard and grabbed my

coat. Paul’s apartment is just a few blocks away, so I walked over in the light cool rain.

I stopped at the store on the way and picked up a six-pack of beer, arriving at

Paul’s within 20 minutes of his call. I knocked at the door and he let me in.

He had the heat cranked up and was just wearing work out shorts and a T-shirt. After

hanging up my coat, we sat down on the couch and he loaded a bong for me.

After a couple of deep tokes on the pipe, I was starting to feel the pot going

to my head. I was getting warm, so stripped off my sweater and tossed it on

the chair. My nipples were still hard from the cold and damp outside, and I noticed

Paul staring at my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so the outline of my

nipples were quite visible. I like to show off my breasts, so his gaze was

appreciated. We smoked some more and drank a beer. Paul moved over closer

to me on the couch and put his arm around me tentatively. I relaxed and laid

back, doing nothing to discourage him. I was starting to get a little horny,

and thought perhaps Paul could help relieve me of the feeling. Sure enough,

it was a matter of minutes before I felt his hand on my breasts, gently

fondling and squeezing. I turned my head and we kissed deeply. He continued

playing with my breasts, and my nipples started getting hard again, though

this time not just from the cold. I could feel the wetness starting to build

in my pussy, and reached down to rub myself through my jeans. I felt Paul’s

fingers at my waist, fumbling with the snap and zipper, and I helped unfasten

them. I raised my hips from the couch and wriggled a little so that Paul could

tug my pants off. I could see the bulge in his shorts growing and was anxious

to touch his stiff cock, so I ran my warm hands slowly up his legs and yanked them down over

his hips. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so his cock immediately sprang

forward. I wrapped my fingers around the hard shaft and squeezed gently.

I still had my leotard on, and Paul slipped his fingers up my leg and began

slowly rubbing my pussy, which by now was soaking wet. I slipped the leotard

down over my shoulders and hips, and Paul helped pull it off. I was lying

there naked now, and Paul dropped to his knees in front of me and started

licking and sucking my breasts. His tongue felt real good as he licked

around my nipples. I cupped one breast in my palm and offered it to him,

and he sucked eagerly. While he played with my tits, I had one hand on my

crotch and was gently caressing my pussy. I parted my wet lips with my fingers and slowly

eased one finger into myself. It really felt good, and I could hardly wait to

feel Paul’s cock inside of me. I was really hot now, and asked Paul if he

would like to lick my pussy. Without a word, he moved his head down to my

crotch and started licking the inside of my thighs. Slowly his tongue worked

its way up to my pussy, and he slipped between my wet lips and started licking

up and down my slit. It felt wonderful, and I ground my hips into his face,

encouraging him to slide his tongue into me. It didn’t take much encouragement,

and his tongue felt like a miniature cock sliding in and out of me. He spread

my lips with his fingers and licked my pussy until I was almost ready to cum,

but I wanted more. I pulled away from his eager mouth for a moment and changed

my position so that his cock was directly in front of my face. He’s got quite

a handsome cock, about 8 inches long and rather fat. I opened my mouth and

licked the huge purple head with my tongue before wrapping my lips around the

shaft. Slowly, I slid my mouth down over him as he continued licking my pussy.

His cock tasted nice, and it felt good having him in my mouth. I gradually

took more and more of him until his full length was planted deep in my throat.

Wrapping my lips tightly around his hard cock, I started moving my head up and

down, like my lips were a pussy. He moaned and continued licking me. I

gradually increased my tempo, sucking him faster and faster, until I felt him

getting ready to cum. I squeezed his soft balls with one hand as I sucked,

and before long I felt his sack tighten and the first few drops of cum shoot

out of him. I swallowed the first bit and then pulled him out of my mouth so

that he shot his load all over my face. Guys always get turned on at the sight

of cum dripping off my cheeks, and Paul is no exception. I licked up as much of

his juice as I could, and he lapped up what I couldn’t reach. He seemed to

appreciate the taste of his warm juice almost as much as I did. After he’d

cleaned my face, he went down on me once again, his tongue licking and teasing

my clit. He slipped two fingers into my soaking wet pussy and pulled them out

when they were good and wet. Then I felt his finger pressing into my asshole.

I resisted at first, but the gentle pressure continued and soon he had one

finger buried in my ass up to the knuckle. I relaxed and my muscles eased open

as he slowly worked his finger in and out. The combination of his finger

working on my ass while his tongue worked on my pussy was too much for me to

take, and within minutes I felt a fantastic orgasm starting to build. Eyes

closed and oblivious to everything but the pleasure I felt, I let my climax

build and sweep through me. Paul kept licking and teasing as the juices

dripped down the inside of my thighs, and he licked up every bit. After all

of this, I was more than ready to feel his cock inside of me, and I begged him

to fuck me. I laid on my back, legs spread, as he moved into position between

my knees and starting rubbing the big purple head of his cock up and down my

pussy. He paused and placed the tip right against my pussy and slowly pressed

into me. When his cock was halfway in, he pulled back and pushed a little

deeper until I had the full length inside of me. He started stroking in and

out as I bucked my hips to meet his strokes. Gradually he increased the pace

until he was fucking me quite hard and I heard the soft sack of his balls

slapping against my cheeks. While he slid in and out of me, I told him how

good it felt to have his cock inside of me, and how much I loved fucking him. My talk turned him on even more, and he

continued fucking me as hard and fast as he could until I felt him tense and get ready to cum again.

This time, he pulled his cock out of me just as he was getting ready to shoot

and instead released his load on my belly. I watched the hot cum shoot from

his cock with fascination, and when he was through, rubbed the milky fluid

into my skin, licking my fingers clean when I was finished. Both feeling

rather exhausted by this time, Paul and I laid back on the couch and smoked

another bong. Since I was still naked, it wasn’t long before my hand wandered

down to my still-glistening bush and I started lightly rubbing my clit. Paul

just laid back and watched me, and I also really appreciated the opportunity

to play with myself in front of an audience. I noticed Paul watching with increasing

intensity. Wanting to offer him a good show, I spread my legs apart and raised

my knees up high so that my pussy was fully revealed. Spreading my lips with

my fingers, I smiled at him and asked if he wanted to watch me. He grinned

and nodded, and pretty soon he was sitting in front of me jerking himself off

while I teased and rubbed my soaking wet pussy. I was as fascinated by the

sight of him stroking his cock as he was by watching my fingers at work,

and we played with ourselves for quite a while. Finally I had an orgasm, and

shortly thereafter I watched Paul tense as a small load of cum dribbled from

his cock. I moved over to him, took him in my mouth, and carefully cleaned

him off. We spent the next hour teasing, kissing and embracing each other

until the time came for me to return home to my husband.

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