Another round with my neighbor

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My young neighbor Bert had left me there, kneeling on my living room floor; with his fresh semen dripping out of my just fucked ass.
I felt my legs were shaking and my pussy trembling with sexual contentment. He had left me sexually satisfied; but my hunger for more was growing within me.

Before leaving, Bert had instructed me that I would be doing a sexy striptease for him and some of his friends and they would all bring along some lingerie outfit to dress in while they fucked my holes.
A group of well hung horny guys were going to gangbang me. They would use me like a cum slut bitch, purely for their own pleasure.
The thinking of that scene, made me wet again…
I felt I was now Bert’s new fuck slut doll. And I liked it…
I went to my bedroom. The rubber toy was there on my marital bed. Then I scooped a little of Bert’s spunk from my gaping ass and smeared the dollop on the soft rubber cock.
I set up the camera on my cell phone and put that thing to my tongue, licking Bert’s cum off the toy. I clicked away snapping pics of my tongue and lips on the cock and then my mouth sucking it.
Next I spread my legs revealing my shaved pussy and clicked a few images. Placing the toy at my wet pussy lips, I slowly eased it deep inside my hungry cunt.
This was arousing me deliciously as I eased off the dildo and placed the tip to my now well stretched asshole. The spunk inside it slid over the cock, making the perfect lubricant as it smoothed a path for that nine inches long thing.
I clicked a few snaps of the cock entering my asshole. With that toy vibrating deep in my anus; I started writing a text for Bert.
I told him I was looking forward to stripping for him and his friends and the being fucked in every hole by all of them…
Attaching the photos I pressed the send button. Them I stroked my clitoris to orgasm as my rubber cock satisfied my new lust for anal.
As I finished cumming on the bed sheets, I received a message from Bert. He said my pictures were great and he was horny again. So he would be around home to fuck me again…
The rush of sexual excitement had my pussy and ass tingling at the prospect of that young guy’s magnificent cock. I squirmed on my toy again, moaning and screaming loudly.

I took the rubber off and went to have a quick warm shower.
Drying myself with a huge warm towel, I felt my skin tingling. Then I began to select a sexy black outfit for Bert’s pleasure.
I chose not to wear a thong as he had fucked my ass earlier and seemed pointless hiding my shaved mound under any garments. Placing the lingerie on my body, I walked over to my wardrobe and picked a pair of black leather thigh length boots with high heels.
I wanted Bert to know that I was his kinky little slut, dressed sexy as a real bitch in heat, ready for his hard young dick…
After zipping the black boots I looked in the mirror and loved the cum slut look reflecting back at me. That sexy outfit made me look such a dirty whore.
Soon the doorbell rang and I went to open the door for him.
Bert smiled and ordered me to go to my bedroom. He wanted to own my pussy and ass in my husband’s bed…
The thought of being fucked in my marital bed by someone other than my husband was a huge turn on. I felt my pussy tingling…
Then he noticed I had the rubber dick in my hand. So, he ordered me to climb the stairs with that thing wedged in my wet tight cunt…
I knelt on the stairs with my stockings and thigh length boots legs wide apart. Holding my ass cheeks, I spread them as far apart as was possible revealing my wet shaved slit and puckered asshole.
Then I begged Bert to stick that toy in me. My voice was imploring him to use me as his cum slut doll.

Bert moved the head of the rubber dick cock between my spread legs, gently dipping the head into my ass then sliding it down my crack and inside my tight hungry pussy.
A long sexual moan exhaled from my wet mouth. I groaned squirming on that rubber piece deeply buried in my pussy.
I gripped the cock with my pussy muscles and began to walk upstairs with that soft toy sticking out of my stretched wet hole.
Bert walked behind me, enjoying the view of his new slut’s pussy.
My ass swayed as I climbed each step, my pussy gripping the cock, as my thigh length bots swished with each movement.

I was excited to be wanted sexually by a hard young cock.
As we reached the top of the stairs, Bert told me to kneel down on all fours. The rubber dick was still embedded in my pussy as I shuddered with delight at the stretching the cock was providing. Bert slid the cock out of my pussy and placed the pussy soaked toy straight up my ass. My breath left my body in one long moan as the toy filled my anal cavity. The guy turned the vibrator on and he smiled as I squirmed with the large cock buried in my asshole…
He announced he was going to fuck my cheating slut pussy while that toy was up my sweet ass. He wanted me get used to have more than one cock inside me at the same time…
Then he ordered me to crawl to my marital bed, making sure the toy stay up my asshole. I pleaded to him, imploring to make me his slut…
I crawled along the hallway floor into my bedroom, finally resting my head and tits onto the bed, on all fours.
Bert lay naked on the bed and he slapped my ass cheeks.
Then he lay on his back and told me to climb up his body and slid my whore cunt on his hard dick.
Being his total submissive slut, I straddled his thighs, holding the rubber toy in place deep inside my asshole, as I positioned my wet tight pussy over the tip of the rampant young cock.
His long shaft slid inside me, causing me to moan and squirm as I began to ride back and forth his cock. The vibrations from the toy in my ass were moving the thin wall between my pussy and anus, causing Bert’s dick to vibrate also.
I could feel an orgasm begin its impulsive journey between my ass and pussy as both dicks pleasured me like never before.
His fingers began to twist my hard nipples, as my orgasm burst through me, with a surprising gush of juices bursting from my cunt.
I panted and sobbed my way through my orgasm, feeling sensations new to me Bert took me to those orgasmic heights…
I felt as though I was about to faint with sexual pleasure, riding Bert’s hard cock and screaming like a bitch in heat.
He smirked looking at the orgasmic expressions twisting my face.
I could feel his cock twitch as he growled he was cumming in my mouth.
Then I jumped off his cock with the rubber toy still in my ass, kneeling at his side with my legs spread wide open. My lips slid over his beautiful cock as the first bursting spurt hit the back of my throat. My tongue snaked around his exploding cock.
Bert smiled as he ordered me to swallow his load.
I groaned with his deflating cock in my mouth. He climbed off the bed, dressing up again. He looked at me laying on the bed sexually satisfied and said I was a dirty cheating cum slut whore…
Before leaving the bedroom, he told me to get ready during the weekend. He would come with his friends to gangbang me wildly as I deserved.
I stood there onto my bed, legs wide spread open and looking at the ceiling, as I played with my fingers inside my sloppy cunt.
Then Victor called me, asking if everything was fine at home. He added that his business trip was delayed some days and he would come back home on the next week.
I told him not to worry.
I would do my best to find something to keep myself busy…

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