t began one October evening around 7:00 P.M. I held my beautiful 26 year old wife as I placed an order at a local pizzeria. I work out with weights three times a week in my bedroom and I usually order food before I start, because I like to have a good hearty meal when I’m done. My wife usually gets the door and makes sure the table is set and the meal is ready. This time, she decided to take a quick shower as…Continue Reading “Exposing wife”

It is been 10 years I completed my undergraduation, still trying to find job to survive. I am still at my parents house, helping mother.we have small land, where we grow vegetables and sell in near by delhi.my mother used to do all the farm work as my father is physically weak and incapable.mother used to wake up at 2 in the morning collect fresh vegetables water them,feed them with organic natural fertilizers. By 9 ,she will be ready with big basket of vegetables to…Continue Reading “Hose boy to older women”

Mom and I spend every Thursday night together as you may know reading my other post regarding our times together. Yesterday was special she took off work and we spent the whole day and night together as mom and daughter. We went for a ride in the mountains had lunch at an small town inn. There were 6 others there and they all were looking at us as we sat next to each other in a booth exchanging quick kisses and our hands on each…Continue Reading “My date with mom”

One day an email popped into my inbox it was a friend I hadn’t heard from for years, I first met her through a sex hook up site we would meet up at weekends for sex with absolutely no strings attached it was amazing, it felt dirty and wrong but also erotic and exciting. She was one hell of a dirty bitch and I was one hell of a dirty boy but we didn’t care, we were let loose sexually and as long as we…Continue Reading “House Party”

It was a hot sunny August day and I was getting ready to go for a bike ride, my names Richard and I’m a keen cyclist, I belong to a local cycling club and we meet weekly to go for long rides, today however I was going out alone I didn’t know where I was going or for how long I would be out I was just going to ride and see where I ended up. When I’m cycling I wear black lycra tights and…Continue Reading “Country Riding”

Hello my name is Anna I’m a 35 year old dance teacher, I’ve been teaching dance of all types since I was 28, I used to be a professional ballerina but various injuries put paid to my career and I was forced to retire, I have no regrets I had a long career spanning over 10 years and I travelled the world performing with Some of the greatest dancers male and female. I run my own dance school and teach all ages from 5 up…Continue Reading “The Ballet Mistress”

Hello again it’s Anna here, it had been an eventful day so far in my dance studio let me briefly remind you what had happened, I was teaching three students, 2 girls and a boy they were all 16 years old and were doing final dress rehearsals for an important dance competition. They all looked good in their dance costumes the girls in shiny blue lycra leotards, white tights and white tutus, the boy in shiny blue lycra tights and a tight white lycra top….Continue Reading “The Ballet Mistress Part 2”

It was a rainy summer day in the early 90’s and with it raining there wasn’t much to do outside so I was over at a friends house named Steve. Both Steve’s parents worked during the day and didn’t get home until about 5 Pm. We were hanging out playing bumper pool because it was going to rain all day and after some time we got bored and Steve had 2 brothers, Steve was my age (18) and Harry was almost 20 and Phil was…Continue Reading “I Love Creampie’s and Cock”

Was ich gestern in einem Frauenforum gelesen habe hat mich wirklich sehr erfreut. Nun weis ich endlich dass ich gar nicht alleine mit meiner Neigung bin in den Sommermonaten auf das Höschen zu verzichten, denn recht viele Frauen berichten darüber dass sie an warmen Sommertagen unter ihrem Rock oder Kleid kein Höschen tragen. Einige von ihnen finden es sogar sehr aufregend es darauf anzulegen das ihnen fremde Männer unter die Kleidung schauen können, da werden schon mal provokant die Schenkel etwas weiter geöffnet damit Mann…Continue Reading “Ohne Höschen”

THE CONVERSATION“We’ve been stranded on this island for a week. So far, you’ve fed me, and taken care of me,” said Patsy. “There must be some way that I can carry my weight with you?”“It’s not a big deal, Patsy,” I informed her, “You have been my friend for a long time, and I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”“I am always in your debt. Its hard enough taking care of yourself, but if you add me in the mix its probably super stressful.”…Continue Reading “Huge Boobs Favor Return”